Freed Veneers & Siero Lam, S.A

Freed Veneers is pleased to announce its newly formed relationship with the long established Siero Lam, S.A Group based in Asturias, Spain.

Customers requesting new and innovative wood products have brought about this exciting co-operation. Apart from standard stock items Siero Lam, S.A can manufacture bespoke solutions.

MADERAS SIERO was established in 1982 and is exclusively dedicated to the primary processing of wood: logging, sawmilling, wood drying and marketing of both domestic and import. It specializes in chestnut wood, a native tree species that is exploited sustainably.

Siero Lam, S.A was created in the year 1994, for the production of second transformation: glued solid wood products. Siero Lam represents a forward vertical integration by the group Siero, which allows optimizing the use of chestnut wood.

Director Laurence Freed is proud to be working with such a well established family run company and with such a wide range of natural timber and other specialist products – for instance panels, door and window scantling, structural beams, flooring, decking and cladding we hope the partnership will be a real success.

Freed Veneers will be working with the group on sales in the United Kingdom and Middle Eastern markets.

To learn more more about Freed Veneers & Siero Lam, S.A click here to download a brochure.

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