The Wood Revolution

Quietly Stepping Into The Future

Freed Veneers is proud to introduce the most innovative wood flooring product to date. At Freed Veneers we have always been cutting edge in new developments and technologies available to the wood industry. Now with its manufacturing partner Lendilegno based in Italy we are excited to offer the "Third Generation" wood flooring product to the United Kingdom and Middle Eastern markets.

Understanding market requirements, knowing the possibilities offered by the raw material, making use of the synergies of human resources’ know how and state-of-the-art systems, led us to the creation of a revolutionary product. A brand that offers many advantages.

We imagined, designed and manufactured a series of wooden floors and coatings capable of meeting every standard. Besides technology, we offer the highest aesthetical quality and a unique customisation service, to meet the creative needs of the designer and the customer.

Who chooses Lendilegno chooses with no compromises a product that lasts a lifetime and that will be the expression of their desires.

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Can Be Installed Using Concrete Glues
  • Resistance To Water, Even Outdoors
  • No Formaldehyde Emission
  • The Finest Thickness
  • Thermal Transmittance +70%
  • Higher Resistance To Penetration
  • Higher Wear And Tear Resistance
  • Noise Reduction By 25 Db
  • Suitable For Joints And Fillings
  • Extra Formats And Design Without Boundaries
  • Flexibility Up To 240°
  • Custom Design


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Design Flexibility

Flexibility Design

Designers around the world can let their creativity flow with this environmentally friendly luxurious new product which is set to revolutionize the interior and exterior design industry.

Lendilegno allows you to customise your environment as much as you like, with large formats (up to 1000 x 3400 mm) and any geometrical shape you can imagine (circles, triangles, hexagons, etc.) to cover any room of your house according to your own taste and personality.