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You can now search our extensive range of beautiful veneers and purchase them online at The Wood Veneer Hub.

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Quietly Stepping Into The Future

Freed Veneers is proud to introduce the most innovative wood flooring product to date. We are excited to offer the "Third Generation" wood flooring product to the United Kingdom and Middle Eastern markets.


Endless Possibilities

From our new factory in Valencia Spain, a modern veneer peeling and slicing plant, comes our wonderful variety of dyed colored veneers. Visit our news section to find out about our latest innovative veneering technologies.


Automotive Veneers

We offer a wide range of bespoke veneers for the automotive trade; we supply to some of the largest most prestige manufacturers around the world each time delivering the highest quality and service.


World's Leader In Californian
Walnut Burl Veneers


Marine Veneers

We provide the highest quality veneers for the marine industry. Supplying to luxury boat builders worldwide. Our veneers are carefully selected to meet the specific needs and requirements of each clients project.


Welcome to Freed Veneers

For years we have travelled the world in search of hardwoods that provide beautiful decorative veneers. Since the mid-seventies we have worked tirelessly to bring the world's woods to connoisseurs alike.

Laurence Freed

A simple love of wood, an art of nature and a passion to work with like-minded designers has helped us build a truly global business. Our projects have included collaborating with fine Furniture designers, the Automotive and Aircraft industries, Marine designers and Architects matching their vision with our expertise selecting graded veneers to complement their products.

Modern production facilities around the world ensure we maintain a high quality product essential for all our customers. Understanding the exact veneer requirements and forming long term relationships are how Freed (Veneers) Ltd continues to be one of the most respected veneer companies worldwide. Choose from a vast selection of veneers whatever the project.

"We are with you from Start to Finish"

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